Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nadiya & Olivia's Fairy room...along with Dominic's Halo 3 room

Hey Chicas...It's been awhile since I have wrote on my blog...Been super duper busy with my kiddies rooms and their bdays....I just wanted to Thank a fellow blogger Ashley on She gave me some awesome ideas for my girls room and son's room.
My Son LOVES the Xbox game Halo..and I could NOT find one thing to use for his room, comforter,, I went online and Ashley gave me a GREAT website that turns any pic into a poster size pic....and it's out of dots...Super CooL..check it out..The website is: it's awesome....
Okay so my Daughter's room, She had such a great idea...She did a room for some lil girls and I LOVED, I used some of her ideas and mixed them in with mine and
whaaaa llaaaaa...Awesome room!!!

Check out her website, she is awesome, great soul and just a pleasure to talk to ....
Hope u LOVE the pics as much as I LOVE doing it....

Have an awesome w/e all!!!!!

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